“You don't need someone that knows what you know, you need someone that knows what you don't know"

I educate people about the use of LinkedIn every single day, which has taught me about the questions my connections have, their fears, what they need, and knowledge or lack of knowledge people have when it comes to the LinkedIn business platform, I help companies develop a comprehensive strategy for using LinkedIn to grow their business and build a unique value position.

This starts with a general overview of your company’s products, competitive landscape, and business focus. We then work together to develop a comprehensive strategy for how you can best use LinkedIn to accomplish YOUR goals. Send me an email HERE.

I've been a member of LinkedIn since February 2009, since then LinkedIn has grown and changed (morphed) quite a bit. Everything I share with you, I've already tried and tested myself. I don't believe in passing on unproven, second-hand information. I hope this helps educate each one of you to better use this fantastic networking tool.

Are you keeping up with the myriad of changes on LinkedIn? Let me help with running a campaign, tracking updates, connecting with target accounts, growing your network, posting your Pulse articles, following up with connections, and setting appointments for networking?

Having been on LinkedIn for eleven (11) years and over ten (10) years of educating others about LinkedIn combined with my extensive business experience let me help you with LinkedIn so you can spend more time on what you do best, your business.

To discuss your options you can reach me at 224-221-9700. Let’s get a conversation going!