Three Misconceptions About Your LinkedIn Summary!

Three Misconceptions About Your LinkedIn Summary!

YOUR SUMMARY SHOULD BE IN THE THIRD PERSON! Wrong. Who is your ideal audience? If you want to be successful using LinkedIn as a marketing tool your profile has to be written in the first person. The only successful place I've seen written in the third person is on the dust jacket of a book. You want to talk to your customers as if you are talking to them face to face. They want to get to know like and trust you. Have a conversation with your reader. Most importantly be authentic!!

YOUR SUMMARY SHOULD BE ABOUT YOU! Wrong. Your summary should be customer focused. Not about you, but what you can do for your target audience. Address and help them achieve their goals, give them something they need, their "What's in it for me". Your summary should be about how you help solve your client or customer's problem. Define the pain point in detail so that the client knows that you understand the pain and that you have the answer. If you are in job search show your customer (the hiring manager) that you understand their problem and have the answers to fix it. Demonstrate your expertise.

This could be your summary "Customer service driven corporate recruiting and retained executive search professional experienced managing full life cycle recruiting of exempt and non-exempt positions for emerging growth and venture capital-backed enterprises to the largest global corporations within the healthcare, consumer packaged goods, technology, manufacturing and service industries."


YOUR SUMMARY SHOULD BE SPRINKLED WITH KEYWORDS! Wrong, never use keywords on your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn summary should be filled with searchable SKILLS. Strategically place the skills for SEO at the beginning of each sentence or at the top of a paragraph. Use the skills section of your profile to select the skills you want to be found for. The reason to use the skills section is because those skills are being searched for on LinkedIn. Customers are looking for people with a specific skill set.

YOUR SUMMARY IS ABOUT WHAT YOU DO, WHO YOU HELP, AND HOW YOU HELP THEM! Yes tell them what you do and be brief, may 2 or 3 sentences. Who do you help, small business, entrepreneurs, or enterprise customers. How you help them. What problem you solve for your ideal client or customer. Two things you must add to your summary at the bottom are SKILLS and a call to action. If they have read to the end of the summary, make worth it for them to reach out and contact you.

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