5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep Your LinkedIn Profile OUT of Search Results!

5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep Your LinkedIn Profile OUT of Search Results!

Belief Number one: you don't have a picture, and if you do it is't optimized! A picture on LinkedIn increases your chances of profile views 11 times. An optimized picture means you name your picture (YOUR NAME LINKEDIN PROFILE MARKETING MANAGER) and it will increase your search results not only on LinkedIn but will show up on Google search as an image result.

Belief Number two: Your LinkedIn headline is your current job title and company name! Most people use the default setting on their LinkedIn headline which is their current job title and company name. Never use a default setting on LinkedIn it will brand you as a commodity. Your headline is your tagline or marketing piece. It should include 3 things. What you do, who you help, and how you help them.

Number three: Your LinkedIn summary is about YOU! Your summary should be in the first person and yes the first paragraph should tell people about what you do. Just make sure every sentence doesn't start with "I", "I", and "I"!! The second paragraph should tell you client or customer or recruiter how you have helped previous company or jobs increase sales cut costs, or streamlined a procedure. The third paragraph you tell how you will solve their problem! Make sure to add a "call to action" (Contact me to see how I can help your business with marketing solutions.

Number four: You loaded your LinkedIn profile with keywords instead of searchable skills. Most people use keywords on their profile which is OK but to get better search results use LinkedIn skills. Skills are search terms that people using LinkedIn have already search for. EXAMPLE: Friend of mine wanted to be found for "Public SPEAKER" We searched the skills section and it wasn't there, but "Public SPEAKING" was there. So we changed his headline for the searched skill of Public SPEAKING.