Don’t Waste Your Time with KEYWORDS on LinkedIn!

Don’t Waste Your Time with KEYWORDS on LinkedIn!

Most people want to cram their LinkedIn profile with keywords so their profile will show up in search results. You are wasting your time using keywords on LinkedIn. You should be using skills instead, yes skills. The updated version of the LinkedIn recruiter tool has a new filter and that filter is “SKILLS”.

Your headline on LinkedIn is THE MOST HEAVILY weighted areas for skills (search terms). Lot of job seekers on LinkedIn fill their headline with a list of keywords so they can be found, but in many cases the keyword is not a skill used by recruiters to search for clients.

One of my connections wanted to be found for “assessments” by his customers. I told him to use the skills section on LinkedIn to find the search term assessments, it didn’t exist in the skills section. So people on LinkedIn are not searching for the term assessments, BUT they are searching for the term ASSESSMENT! MAKING INTELLIGENT USE OF THE SKILLS SEARCH FUNCTION

If you want to be found on LinkedIn you have to use the skills section to determine if people are searching for a particular word. If the word is not in the skills avoid using it on your profile. Here is what the skills search looks like


Another connection of mine want to be found for “Director of Franchise Development”. Our first step was to search the skills section for the search term, it wasn’t there.

The second step was to search the skills section for “Franchise development”, it wasn’t there either.

The third step was to search for “Franchise”, which turned up “Franchise consulting”.

Step four was to search for the term development and we found business development. Close, but it wasn’t “Franchise development”.