The New LinkedIn Profile Interface Part 1!

The new LinkedIn profile interface: this will be a multi-part blog for all the sections of LinkedIn.

We will start with the New Intro section, that is the area on your profile that includes your Profile picture your LinkedIn headline, where you live, industry, current experience, and summary section. I other words the area above the fold.

First is your profile picture. LinkedIn loves pictures. A picture on your profile will increase your profile views 21 times and will increase your connection requests by 9 times. It helps to complete your profile so you are an Allstar, as well.

But just having your profile picture on your profile doesn't improve your SEO(search engine optimization). What you have to do to improve that is to name your picture. It can't be photo IMG.0.jpeg. That wont help with SEO.

What to need to do is go to the while where you store you photos and rename it. I renamed mine "Bruce Bixler LinkedIn Profile Training and Development". This way when people search for your name and want to find your LinkedIn profile on Google your profile picture will be one of the results for images on Google.

Your photo is the instant calling card people use to determine who you are and what interest they should have in your profile, profession, and content.

For best results use a head shot of yourself smiling and dressed in professional attire. Your photo will help other LinkedIn users start to trust you.

Many of my clients are leaders in sales, business development, training, and recruiting who recognize the need to attract customers through Corporate Strategic training of LinkedIn, one on one consulting, and private workshops. You are shown how to use all of LinkedIn's resources. To discover how this process can benefit your organization, simply schedule an appointment on my calendar.

Here is my call to action. If you would like continuing information about LinkedIn I’m always happy to connect with people who PERSONALIZE their request. My email address is If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help with LinkedIn. You're also welcome to check my website. My blog, and my YouTube Channel.

I build practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me if you need help at 224-221-9700 or Email me at

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