Messaging and Engagement With Your LinkedIn Network Contacts!

Messaging and Engagement With Your LinkedIn Network Contacts!

There is a new messaging feature on both the desktop and mobile platforms. Most LinkedIn users are unaware of it because it is not widely advertised. I was at a networking meeting last week and showing how LinkedIn messaging looked on the phone when the connection asked what the green dots were for. Now this connection was just hired as an outbound sales manager, so I explained the feature.

On the mobile app when you look at the messaging tab you will see a list of recent meossages from your connections. Just below their picture is either a green solid dot, a green dot with a white center, or no dot at all. The solid green dot means that the connection is on their desktop live as you are viewing the image.

The green dot with the white center means the LinkedIn connection is currently live on their mobile dvice. So if you know the person is using their phone you can either message them or give them a call. If you are is sales this is a great way to engage with your client or customer in real time. This may also help increase your SSI score for engagement on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn wants you to use the messaging system that's why they keep adding ways for engaging with your connections. They even give you shortcut responses to your messaging, If you congratulate one of your connections and they respond with "THANKS. Your options are a "Thumbs Up", "Welcome", or How Are You?".

Are you engaging your connections on #LinkedIn?

Don't just use the generic phrases LinkedIn suggests. Like every other communication on LinkedIn personalize the message. This includes your connection requests to another member.

Last, but not least, LinkedIn will score the interaction for engagment with "0" for no response, (1) for a like, (20 for a comment and (3) for a share. As you can see connecting and sharing updates will increase your visibility and your rank on the SSI score for engagement. Dont be a wallflower!

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Here is my call to action. If you would like continuing information about LinkedIn I’m always happy to connect with people who PERSONALIZE their connection request. My email address is If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help with LinkedIn.

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