Are You REALLY visible on #LinkedIn?

Are You REALLY visible on #LinkedIn? I started to list just a few items. Then found several more, and ended finding a lot of options for your visibility.

Have you checked your visibility settings recently? What do you mean you don't know where they are?

Go to your picture on the tool bar at the top of your profile page. When you click on the picture there is a drop down to your "Account" below that is "settings and privacy".

The next pop up will be Account, Privacy, Ads, and Communications. Select the "privacy" tab.

The first step is to click on the first line "Edit my Public profile" Once you click on that you will be able to look at your "Public profile" which is what people see when they search for you on Google or other search engines.

The next step is to scroll down the page on the right side to view visibility. There will be a list of boxes for each section of LinkedIn that you have added to your profile. For visibility you should have all of the boxes checked. If you leave any of those boxes unchecked that part of your profile will not be visible on public websites.

Under the visibility section you will have five choices to select from. The optimum choice is to select the "public" button which allows all LinkedIn members, and others who find you via search engines and other services.

Thee step 3. is under privacy also is "who can see your email address. This section is NEW this year. Before this the only people able to see your email address was your first degree connections. Now you have four choices to choose from. Again, for visibility check the box that says "Everyone on LinkedIn." Your changes will be automatically saved.

Step 4 Is "Profile Visibility off LinkedIn". Chose how your profile appears via partners and other permitted service. Should we show information from your profile to users of permitted services? Yes you want your profile visible to other search engine and sites, if not you won't be visible on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Step 5 "Manage Active Status"